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Horrible description English, need much revising! It makes me work contentment.. Thank you for good application software development, It makes me work contentment.

Free audio converter for macOS and Windows

Waste of money. As that is the ONLY reason to pay for such a converter, this is a total waste of money. Don't be fooled. Does not remove DRM as advertised. Do you recommend it? View full description. Softonic review Advertisement. Arnaud Hi Folks, I just wanted to let you know that your Audioconverter is truly excellent.

The GUI is simple and selfexplaining, very clever! Also thanks for implmenting CBR at kbps. The mp3s sound loud, clear, fresh and have a punchy bass. Heavy recommendation guaranteed: I just want to congratulate you for the MediaHuman Audio Converter. Variety of choices for audio quality, file extension type and multiple cpu core choice.

Main Features:

And checkbox for adding to iTunes while converting. You saved me from hours of waiting. Well done. Maximos H. I have to say that this converter, is by far THEE best i have ever used. As a bit of background I started developing software over 40 years ago, which makes me rather picky about how software works.

4 Different Ways to Convert MP4 Files to MP3 on Mac

Just wanted to let you know that I am more than pleasantly surprised, this is a great piece of software. I had spent about 3 hours trying other products prior to finding yours, and by far yours is the most full featured and easy to use. Just wanted to drop you a "thank you", I was looking for a place to leave a review for you, please let me know if there is a place you would like me to leave one. Bill D. MediaHuman Audio Converter is brilliant. It's so good to find really well developed software - so intuitive and therefore a pleasure to use.

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I've been looking at audio converters for a while now and not found anything that comes even close to your great product. I've been involved in software development all my life and rarely see software that gets the user's experience 'just right' Audio Converter does exactly that. Our other products: YouTube to MP3 Converter. YouTube Downloader. Lyrics Finder. Here is an example of how you would convert a.

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Here is an example of how to find all. For converting to mpeg4 audio you can use the CLI command afconvert afconvert -h for available options. For example:. Help for this tool can be found by running "afconvert --help" as "man afconvert" doesn't point to a useful manual page. Even though it is listed in the help as a format:. As explained on afconvert MPG3? I ended up using zpletan 's answer and installed ffmpeg. MP4 files that I want to convert. It also works for files with spaces:. I compiled libav from source to serve this purpose.

This is the same package installed by default on recent versions of Ubuntu Linux so tutorials for Ubuntu works almost as-is on OS X with libav. Adjust the number after -j of the make command to about 1.

Part 1: How to Convert MP3 to MP4 with iTunes

My server had 24 cores but -j24 gave me serious IO bottleneck, throttled it back to -j20 and the performance is pretty well balanced. I hadn't used it for a decade but I love ecasound for converting sound files. I haven't tried it with. I just bumped into this question when looking to convert wav into flac. Under linux, I find python-audio-tools does exactly what I want. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get it to encode to mp3 under OSX. It might work for you, though. It's not at all built into OSX, but it's very lightweight and can convert between pretty much any pair of formats or just convert to a more compressed file with the same format.

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