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The Linux version of Minecraft is the main desktop version, as opposed to the Pocket Edition also known as PE for mobiles. If you want to try out the new method, check the Debian package or the Arch Linux package. In time, the Java version of Minecraft will fade away, forcing Linux users to employ this new launcher.

Get Started: Install Graphics Drivers

Did you know it was possible to play Minecraft on Linux? Has a perceived lack of Minecraft support on Linux put you off migrating from Windows? Or have you been playing Minecraft on Linux for a while? Tell us in the comments!

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Explore more about: Install Software , Linux , Minecraft. Your email address will not be published. Actually, the open source AMD drivers work just fine for Minecraft. At this point, there is very little difference in speed and quality between open source and proprietary, thanks to AMD open sourcing part of their core driver code a couple years ago.

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Stop buying ROKU. That is called gouging the customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am curious where you got the information about the debian package from Mojang. Can you please show me where you found the link?

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Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. I have been running Minecraft for a very long time. The process is slightly different compared to Ubuntu. Firstly, you will have to install Java as Minecraft is built purely on it. Next package will be Screen , it is required for the Minecraft server to work once the SSH session ends. In order to organize the installation, you should create a dedicated directory for Minecraft by running this command:. Accept EULA agreement by changing the value from false to true in eula.

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Use this command to edit the file:. It should display something like: You can also set up a Minecraft server on your Windows PC. Since Minecraft is based on Java, we will have to install the latest version to ensure that everything runs smoothly. You may use the command prompt to check if you meet to requirements. Execute the following:.

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Then, make sure it matches the latest Java version in the official website. Download and install it in case your current version is older or if you do not have Java at all. To keep everything organized, we recommend creating a dedicated folder for this task. Move the. This can be done by editing eula.

How To Get Minecraft For Free (Mac/PC/Linux)

You can start the Minecraft server with the help of Windows command prompt. Use it to navigate to your dedicated Minecraft server directory. For example:. Alternatively, you may double click the. You might need to allow the Minecraft server through the firewall.

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If you see a similar screen, it means that your Minecraft server has been successfully started: We will break down the process into three steps. You can double check by entering this command in your Terminal:. Once created, download the Minecraft server setup from the official website. Upload it to the created directory. Paste the following:. Save this file as startmc. To make it work, execute permission will be needed.

Once opened, enter your dedicated Minecraft folder. If you're using Linux, remember to make it executable before you try to run it. The development version usually has extra fixes and features incuded, but may not be stable yet. If you use it, stay in touch on our discord server! If you want to build MultiMC yourself, check out the Build guide. We're running a Patreon campaign so that we can continue to pay for our server hosting costs, and make a little bit of money from this project which we put so much of our time into.