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Set Document Language Method 2: Set the language for the default Normal. Check the Spelling and Grammar preferences Method 4: Check the Input Sources language settings Method 5: Move the Normal. Remove Word preferences Do you have the same problem but with another Word for Mac version?

Check spelling and grammar in a different language in Office for Mac

Open a document in Word for Mac. On the Edit menu, click Select All. On the Tools menu, click Language.

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Select the language dictionary you want the speller to use, such as English US. Uncheck Do not check spelling or grammar , and then click OK.


If the problem continues to occur, go to the next method. Method 2: Open a blank document in Word for Mac. Uncheck Do not check spelling or grammar , and then click Default. Click OK.

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Method 3: Check the Spelling and Grammar preferences To check the spelling and grammar preferences, follow these steps: Open Word for Mac. On the Word menu, click Preferences. The following options should be selected checked: Check spelling as you type Check grammar as you type The following options should not be selected unchecked: Hide spelling errors in this document Hide grammatical errors in this document Click OK. Method 4: Check the Input Sources language settings To check the Input Sources language settings, follow these steps: Quit all Office applications.

On the Apple menu, click System Preferences.

How to change spell check language in OS X

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How to switch language of OS X dictionary? Ask Question. Arne Arne 1, 7 27 This is what I needed.

Mac Tip Monday - How to Autocorrect Your Spelling

Works great. Here are a couple to get you started: Hope this helps! This will set the system-wide spell checker to the desired language, and also cue other applications such as Microsoft Office to set their languages accordingly at installation time, if supported. The language setting will not only set the system's display language, but also set up the various spell checkers used in word-processing programs like TextEdit, Pages, and Safari. Though this is convenient, there may be times when in typing documents you will need to use phrases or paragraphs in different languages, and having the spell checker in one language will not work.

To overcome this problem, you can either temporarily change the system-wide spell check options, or do this for individual applications' spell check settings either globally or for a specific spell check session. In addition, some programs offer options to have specific selections of text be set to a given language.

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  • System-wide settings The OS X spell checker will be used for programs like Safari and TextEdit, which do not include their own spell check dictionaries and options. While you can select a specific language here, if you leave it as "Automatic by Language" then when you change localization settings such as the system language or other program-specific language setting then the spell checker will automatically adjust to that preference.

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    The problem with changing this setting is it is global and therefore will not allow you to specify a specific document or text selection to be identified as a different language. Luckily, several common word-processing programs have these settings:.

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    • TextEdit In TextEdit, you have the option to run a spell check session in a different language. With the checker open, choose the desired language you would like to use from the menu at the bottom of the window.

      Pages for Mac: Check spelling in a Pages document

      There is no option to set a specific paragraph or section as a specific language, but this will allow you to spell check the document in a different language. Pages Apple's Pages program is a little more complex, and has options to support individual sections of text being in a different language. To do this, click the "Inspector" button at the top of the Pages window, and then click the "Text" section in the inspector this looks like a capital "T".