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That is not a win. Nov 3, The inability of a Mac to open an iWork. I ended up just asking the sender to send me a. Not even gibberish that I could extract the address I needed from the document. Nov 3, 1: Apple's choice of proprietary, versus overwhelming industry acceptance of other document standards has been an ongoing issue for document interchange — even among its own applications.

Reading your comments about the applications that you claim do not open Pages documents, suggests to me that you didn't even bother to use Preview, which has viewed all versions of Pages documents since at least Snow Leopard, and continues to do so in High Sierra. There simply is no hoop when you right-click on a Pages document and see Preview among the Open With sub-menu applications.

How to Open a Pages File on PC or Mac: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Of course, if you corrupted the Pages document attempting to open it with Google Docs which has never supported the document format , or attempted to double-click the document on a Windows filesystem, then Preview would show the same prejudice as it would with any damaged document, including Word, and PDF. Nov 3, 2: I downloaded it straight from gmail and tried to open it in Preview without success. What actually worked was changing the extension to. Nov 3, 3: Pages v5 and v6 documents do not have an internal PDF representation of the document. Opening a.

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User profile for user: More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. So frustrated… please any other ideas?!?!?!? I used to have to edit resumes on a PC. Iwould get documents from both Mac and PC computers.

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  • Pages for Mac: Open an existing Pages document.

Would simply have the sender save their document as a RTF, this format can be read by both computers. I found it easiest to unzip the file after renaming it, and then viewing the image files that appear. Name required.

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When you open a document that uses fonts not installed on your computer, a missing font notification appears briefly at the top of the document. In the notification, click Show and choose a replacement font.

*Eek help!* Open a .pages file without Pages, or possibly convert to .doc(x)?!

You can have more than one Pages document open at a time. This setting applies not just to Pages, but also to documents in other applications such as TextEdit, Numbers, and Keynote. Open an existing document in Pages Do any of the following: Open documents in tabs You can have more than one Pages document open at a time.