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You seem to have found that out about chapters. Chapters are available for some formats other than authored ones, but unfortunately support for them is far from consistent. Last edited by Cornucopia; 9th Oct at Check your BR manual or go online to Sony's support pages to determine whether your player can even play discs that are not authored "generic" data discs containing MP4 or MKV files.

Consider how much your time and that of your computer is worth. It took 24 minutes and the quality is virtually indistinguishable from the 8GB mkv source.

How to Burn MKV to DVD on Mac

I tried another method yesterday The whold process only took "one hour"! We watched the burn last night and it looked great. Perhaps we are making this harder than it needs to be. I started this posting because I have been getting more and more MKV files and Toast handles this process very not very well! I think they fail on the encoding part. Anyway, I hope this might help someone. Thank you for all your help you guys, this led me to another option. Oh, one more thing The only drawback to doing it this way was is there is only 1 chapter for the entire movie So, like flash drives you need to go to "Info" on your remote control and jot down the time where your at and probably write it down on a post-it-note to resume at a later time.

The quality was just great!

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  6. ‎1-Click DVD Creator-Burn/Make on the Mac App Store!

As DVD-Video you could be assured that chapters would work. As those others, they might be possible, but you couldn't be assured that chapters would be supported, depending upon the device you used which you STILL haven't given us full info on. Seems like you're going to or putting up with a lot of inconvenience in order to arrive at something that is supposed to be convenient. Sony BRD S I know this all should be much easier!

Thanks for your info Cornucopia! This at least will give you a clear reference point.

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  • The main problem there is that you are on a Mac and there really are very many, let alone many excellent, apps that can do the conversion to those formats which again, should require both a re-encode and an authoring step, not just a re-encode. But at least you have a few options: You know that Handbrake works on a Mac, you just don't know which settings might work for your player.

    Part 1: How to Convert MKV to DVD on Windows

    You know DVD-Video works both creating on a Mac and with your player, you just don't have chapter support. Most authoring apps include chapter support, so it should be fairly trivial to add the chapter marks assuming they're near GOP boundaries.

    Burn MKV to DVD_[How-To Guides]

    Last edited by Cornucopia; 11th Oct at Thanks Scott I will keep experimenting and let you know. I have another question for you Is there a way to defeat it?

    How to Convert/Burn MKV to DVD on Windows/Mac?

    I now have another app to rip and burn with I have used it with my PC laptop and it works great. In fact, it rips and burns when MTR and Toast will not. So, now I have it for the MAC Would it have anything to defeat the Cenavia? Let me know. There is is NO good way to defeat it yet. I backed up a MKV using iSoft for the rip BUT again NO chapters? Sleep tight Scott I was really bored of using those monotonous features which most of the slideshow makers offer but I found real creative features here in this to Slideshow Maker Stock Video. PDF Converter.

    Part 2: How to Burn MKV Files to DVD on Windows 10

    Free Trial Free Trial. Part 1: See more wonderful features: Free Download Free Download. Part 2: Slideshow Maker for Mac Reviews It will not change any text entered by users. The order process, tax issue and invoicing to end user is conducted by Wonbo Technology Co. Browser compatibility: Click the button "Options", choose the DVD-Video as format and memu style as you like, set video quality level, and click auto-play disc on inset or not, etc.

    Directly drag-n-drop your local video files to this excellent MKV to DVD converter, you will see video thumbnail relevant video information displayed. Click the "Edit" button and switch to the editing window. You can add text, set chapters, and use AU Filter, etc. Insert a blank DVD inserted into your computer. Open iDVD. It will probably be found in your applications folder.

    Choose a menu theme, customize the menu further by adding music and pictures to the DVD menu.

    Method 1. Use Cisdem DVDBurner to Burn MKV to DVD

    Load movie you wish to burn by drag-and-drop to the drop area of the DVD menu. Find and delete duplicate files and similar images in one go. Learn More. Want to try creative ways for celebrating this Easter day?