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Optional installs of TopGit , a curl command line tool that uses the libcurl. Various patches have been applied in order to make the build work well with Mac OS X. The hashes shown below have been signed by a GPG key. Instructions for verifying the hashes using the key can be found in the hashes.

Need help installing git on Mac OS X version 10.7.5

Universal binary installers of Git including required support libraries and executables runnable on Mac OS X Please note that older versions which were previously listed here, while they may still be available for download, are no longer recommended. Git itself is licensed under GPLv2.

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  7. GnuPG is licensed under GPLv3 but is an optional install aggregated into the installer and does not affect the license used by Git. I also have macports installed, but I'm not a programmer. If you can get it to build using the instructions for Brew or MacPorts on this page, it's easy to get from there to a distributable app. OSX app bundle.

    I'm using the annex assistant from the annex bundle for the convenience, but sometimes I use git-annex directly from the command line. Comment by David — Wed Jun 5 Comment by Michael — Wed Oct 2 David, the bundle contains the man page since a while.

    How to CLEAN Install Snow Leopard!

    Why different versions? Why are there different versions for Is it not possible to produce an executable compatible with all these?

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    • Installing Git For Command Line on Mac OS X.
    • git-annex.app.

    I mean, it's the same architecture and executable format, not? I guess there has to be a reason, explanations are welcome. Comment by Matthias — Tue Sep 23 Is the Mavericks build still beeing updated? I am still using Mac OS Recently downloading a new git-annex version showed that the Mavericks build is still based on 5.

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    I am wondering if this is a misstake or if it is time for me to move on to Yosemite? Comment by Dirk — Thu Feb 26 Comment by joey — Fri Feb 27 Comment by andrew. The application cannot be opened because its executable is missing. Comment by lhunath — Thu May 5 Comment by joey — Tue May 10 It is better to provide osx dmgs. For instance, yet another python distro. It is kind of overkill just to install annex.

    Installing git on OS X 10.6.8

    Symbol not found: Comment by achilleas. Please file bug reports for issues with the OSX build, don't report them here. Comment by joey — Wed Apr 4 Should have searched the bug reports. Thanks and sorry for the noise.

    Installing git on OS X · Edward's Home

    It is just available as a formula , ie brew install git-annex see Homebrew. Comment by andrew — Fri Apr 20 I don't get this, but I should note uname on macOS doesn't have -o, this should probably be changed to -s. Comment by lhunath — Sun Apr 29 Comment by joey — Tue May 8 My apologies. I will do that in future.

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